His Needs Her Needs and the unsuspecting “Foolish goat”

While going through my whatsapp status, this morning after my quiet time, I came across a post where a guy was described as a “foolish goat”, because he demanded wife priviledges (cooking, cleaning and the lot) from his girlfriend. Initially I laughed and thought power to her then I quickly realised I was part of the problem. The double standards problem. Dating can be tedious, … Continue reading His Needs Her Needs and the unsuspecting “Foolish goat”

Wow I’m so ……… for you!

I’m just going to start by saying, it pays to keep good news to yourself. Relationships are beautiful, even more so, when they are new. Nonetheless, it’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting to tell the world about the latest person contributing to your happiness. Most of the time this is done pre-maturely and that’s my focus in this post. You know you … Continue reading Wow I’m so ……… for you!

He Is Not Marrying You To Make You Happy.

If you are getting married so you can make someone your happiness bank account then this post is for you. As cliche as it may sound, its true, find your source of happiness before you find/meet your spouseDon’t Just Do It, Its Not A Nike Kind of Situation… Before I met my husband, I had been in and out of different relationships in a space … Continue reading He Is Not Marrying You To Make You Happy.


So exactly how hard did aging hit you? I have observed this hashtag, mainly on instagram over the weekend. Everyone appears to be jumping on the bandwagon, posting pictures from ten or more years ago in comparison to a current picture. So far it appears everyone is putting their best foot forward. Positivity all round. It got me thinking, how much could change and happen … Continue reading How_hard_did_aging_hit_you_?

Don’t Just Do It, Its Not A Nike Kind of Situation..

Imagine seeing and admiring a nice pair of shoes in the shop window, only to go in and try them on to realize they don’t fit right, heart breaking right? That heart break is even worse when we apply the same principle to entering a marriage. This is not me trying to give relationship advice (there are enough experts for that), “shading” married people or … Continue reading Don’t Just Do It, Its Not A Nike Kind of Situation..

Frankly Speaking, Period!

Dear Period,

It’s been what, 28 days since I last saw you? No, I do not miss you. I remember looking forward to your arrival, some years ago, because mom told me you were necessary if I wanted to have babies one day. Well now here we are, you brought no babies along and somehow every month for 5 days (or more when you are being petty) you bleed me out and make me feel like my uterus is on fire! Period, we need to talk about our relationship. Continue reading Frankly Speaking, Period!

Media Relations or Something Like That 

Before I confuse you or throw you into the deep end……​Public Relations thrives on relationship management between an organisation and its stakeholders. These are staff members, customers, NGOs, the media, industry regulators….blah blah blah  Media relations or media management is a component of Public Relations. Usually here, you will see that an organisation pays that one employee alot of money to make sure their relationship … Continue reading Media Relations or Something Like That